It has been your dream to reach the global audience. You have a viable business idea. Also, to ensure you do not miss the point, you went on and developed a good business plan. The plan has detailed information about your target product, how you will market it, and the distribution channels. You’re considering online selling. However, selecting an international e-commerce platform is an enigma.

Each day you come across a new developer offering stunning features. You’re in confusion on the best option as no one is telling you the bad side about their platform. Since you do not want to rush, you’re taking time on the internet. You want to find enough information to help you make the right decision. This article is here for you. It provides you with three top-ranking e-commerce platforms for selling to the international audience. Here they are:


Are you running a successful WordPress blog or website? Probably, for a long time, you have been a reliable source of information for the international audience. This aspect won you a large following. Also, the audience has been consistent in requesting you on where they can get products you write about. Now, you have come up with a decision to join e-commerce. You no longer want to turn the audience to other sellers. But here is the challenge: you do not want to start a fresh e-commerce website. Well, if you are in this situation, WooCommerce is your choice. This extension from WordPress allows you to transform your website or blog into an e-commerce website. Hence, you do not lose your traffic and also turn your following into customers.


When you talk about e-commerce, many people interpret it to mean Shopify. For this reason, it is the leading platform in the online selling sector. Shopify enhances the growth of small business by providing affordable plans. Also, it is a SaaS platform. This means you do not care about maintenance and software updates. The developer takes charge of this aspect. Hence, your concentration is on selling and promoting your brands. You do not have any worries about coding issues. As such, it is a reliable international e-commerce platform that supports your growth.


  As an entrepreneur with coding knowledge, you would like to input your ideas. For this reason, you want an international e-commerce platform that supports your dream. If this is the case, Magento is the best choice. This platform is an open source. Hence, you create your site from scratch which enables you to be unique.