For long, you have heard an e-commerce platform is the pillar of your online success. Your ability to make the right platform choice determines how long you will go on the online journey. Hence, you must take every precaution when you decide to venture online. Shopify is one of the renowned platforms. Every webpreneur and expert will recommend it to you. The platform has excellent features and plans that help you to enhance your online business. Also, it has packages that support your business growth from a small venture to an enterprise. However, with all these benefits, Shopify maybe the worst option when you choose it as your international e-commerce platform. Here are three cases where this can be so:

When you want to be unique and stand out in your niche

Being unique is a good way of enhancing your online following. As you might be aware, customers always associate with attractive and standing out business. For you to realize this objective, you must have unlimited customization. Unfortunately, Shopify is a hosted or a SaaS platform. With this, it means that you can only use themes and features availed to you. Your opportunity for standing out are minimal as the chance of having another website similar to yours is high. Hence, if you want to be unique in your niche, Shopify will be a bad idea.

When you do not want to lose your traffic

Certainly, you have an authoritative blog or website. You have been a resourceful person to the online community. Due to this, many followers have been pushing you to start a selling channel. They express their frustrations when purchasing products, you recommend to them. You have heeded their idea. However, creating a new website is not your preference.  In such a situation, WooCommerce would be the perfect option. Hence, if you want to secure your current traffic and still run an e-commerce website, Shopify would be a bad idea.

When you have a plan to move your site to another platform in future

As you know, Shopify is the father of all innovations in the e-commerce arena. However, this perspective may change in the future. Remember, MySpace was once the top ranking social platform before Facebook changed the narrative. The same case might happen in days to come. For this reason, you need to be ready for a smooth transformation. When it comes to this aspect, Shopify has the most rigid platform. It makes it hard for you to move to a new platform. Hence, it might be a bad idea for you.